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Up to date progress on the MAGPI Network Upgrade

Project Updates:

June 18 2015


MAGPI’s network upgrade project is proceeding well although not as fast as we originally planned. Delays were caused by; the lack of available of hardware for shipment to MAGPI, access to the required electrical power and delays in the administrative review process, have all contributed to changes in our project schedule. We have updated our Members when there were significant changes to report. MAGPI has created a project website to provide more timely updates and information about the project status. The website will be updated regularly and is always available on line. The site can be found at at The site contains three pages; an overview of the projects on the home page, the project update on the second page and the third is a contact us page providing a convenient way to contact Greg Palmer or Peter Heverin for project-related concerns or the MAGPI NOC if you have a technical question or issue. This update on is shown as three posts on the Project Updates page, all dated June 18. The project schedules on the site will be updated by Monday, June 22.

We hope this site will provide our members with current and useful information about the project. We encourage your feedback and comments.
June 18 2015

AL2S Network Upgrade / Juniper MX480:

The installation and turn-up date for the Juniper MX480 will be Tuesday, July 7. This cutover will move the Internet2 and commodity Internet connections from the MX80 to the MX480. MAGPI will confirm this date by providing a formal notice of an outage and the cutover by email. Recently each Member received an email notice prior to the transition from the M320 to the MX80. You will receive the same type of notice on Tuesday, June 30, one-week prior to the cutover. A final notice will be sent on Monday, July 6 as a reminder. We will be using the MAGPI maintenance window for this work; 6AM to 9AM.

The process of moving connections to the new 10G ports will begin once the MX 480 is operational. Each Member will receive an email with information and details for their individual connections and a selection of dates & time for the cutover. We will work with each Member to accommodate a day and time that is convenient for the work and will cause the least network disruption. We would like to begin scheduling the individual cutover next with the actual work starting on July 8th. We would like to use Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for cutovers, avoiding Mondays and Fridays for obvious reasons.

Please let us know if the proposed installation date of July 7 would cause a problem for you or your network activity. As mentioned earlier we will begin to schedule the individual cutovers during the week of July 22. If you have a scheduling preference for the work on your individual connection please let us know.

For our member who use the optical transport services from Philadelphia to Princeton please note:
MAGPI has sufficient 10G channels in the existing RS4200 chassis to provide the Members who are using the fiber optic transport service and who have upgraded their Internet2 access to 10G connections to deliver the service over the fiber using the RS4200 once the installation of the MX480 is complete.
June 18 2015

Optical Network Upgrade / Ciena 6500:

We reported in the last project update the new Ciena optical hardware was approved and the orders were placed with Ciena. On Friday, June 12, we had a planning meeting with Ciena and the engineers from Penn’s Information Systems and Computing (ISC). At the meeting we developed a milestone deployment plan. The dates are tentative and it is as follows:

  • A site survey of the four locations housing the Ciena hardware will be conducted between Wednesday, June 24 and Friday, June 26.
  • The hardware will be shipped to each site by Tuesday, June 30.
  • The installation of the hardware is tentatively scheduled for the first week in August 2015.
Please notify Peter Heverin if any of these dates for the site survey, delivery or installation pose a problem or interfere with other scheduled activity.
May 13 2015

The Juniper MX480 & Equinix DC Power Upgrade:

The transition from the Juniper M320 to the MX80 was completed on April 23. We did not experience significant loss of service during the first transition. We are now positioned to make the transition from the MX80 to the new MX480 in a similar way.

Our negotiations with Equinix for the swap of AC power for DC power are not going well. Equinix is proving to be difficult to work with and very slow to respond to even the most basic requests. As a result we have ordered AC power supplies for the MX480 and expect delivery during the first week of June. This would push the installation of MX480 and delivery of the 10G AL2S services to the second week of June.
May 13 2015

The Ciena RS4200 to 6500 Upgrade:

For the members who use our dark fiber infrastructure from Philadelphia to Princeton and Princeton to New York we are glad to report the order for the Ciena 6500 chassis has been approved and was placed with Ciena last week. We expect delivery of the hardware in June. The new hardware will be shipped directly to the site where it will be installed. The set-up and installation will be completed by Ciena field technicians with support from MAGPI engineers. We hope the transition to the new 100G capable chassis will be completed by the end of July.
May 13 2015

Transition Process:

We will continue to provide updates as the time for the cut-over grows closer. A notice similar to the one sent for the decommissioning of the M320 will be used again for the cut-over to the MX480. If you have any questions please call. Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.
April 13 2015

Network Project Update:

Good afternoon; we wanted to give you an update on the status of the MAGPI network upgrades and how it may affect your connection. Our original plan was to have the new bandwidth service operational in January 2015 but circumstances beyond our control forced us to adjust our deployment schedule. The upgrade project will be completed in two phases; the first is a transition to an MX80 and then to the MX480.

The first transition will require a service outage to your Internet2 connection tentatively scheduled for later this week or the beginning of next week. The will notify you of the exact day and time. Your connection to Internet2 will not change from it's current configuration; the set of services and quality of service you currently have today will not be effected. The new 10G & 100G services will be made available during phase 2 of the transition process. Phase 2 of the deployment is expected to begin by May 11, 2015. We will be glad to work with you and your team to minimize any disruption during the transition period. Please communicate to us any issues these plans may present. We are available anytime by either email or telephone. Please share this email with any of your team members who may need or want the information. Thank you for your continued cooperation and support.